About Dr. Judy Raggi Moore

Dr. Judy Raggi Moore is the creator of the I.V.C. Chiavi di Lettura method and the director of the project. A native of Italy, she directs the Italian Studies program at Emory University as well as the summer and semester opportunities in Italy.

The I.V.C. project draws inspiration from the well-established and very popular Summer Studies program offered by Dr. Raggi Moore through Emory University. This six-week summer full immersion experience offers college level students the opportunity for an inter-disciplinary immersion into Italian culture and language. This program is open to any college-level student wishing to travel throughout all of Italy while earning 8 college credit hours. For more information visit:

There are future plans for an instructors’ educational tour of Sicilia and Campania in order to experience first hand the sites and people who are the heart of Volumes I and II of the I.V.C. Chiavi di Lettura project. For any questions regarding and of these learning opportunities please contact the director of the I.V.C. Chiavi di Lettura project: Dr. Judy Raggi Moore at: langjrm@emory.edu